Hassle-Free, By Design

At Aussie Web Geeks, we have a range of services designed to bridge the gap between your business and the world of web technology. Backed by over 15 years of industry experience, we provide top quality products and services at competitive prices. But rest assured, our team will always communicate with you in a way that you can understand.

Website Design

Customised, Affordable and Scalable

Designing stunning, functional, and effective websites is our core business. It is our passion to deliver a digital presence for your business that provides the best in user experience for your customers. This means websites that look and feel great regardless of what type of device the visitor is using. It also means website design that guarantees the maximum conversion from curious visitor to happy customer.

We utilise the award-winning WordPress Content Management System to bring you the best in security, stability and usability. This ensures your website is backed by a dependable framework, while still ensuring that it is easy for you to make your own content changes. One of our pet hates is seeing website owners forking out high prices just to make simple changes. Our WordPress websites are easy to use so that you can ensure your content is always up to date.


Custom Designed

We custom build your site to suit your business.


Scalable and Affordable

Let’s start where your business is at, and scale to match your growth.


Easy Content Updates

You can make simple updates yourself, for free!


Responsive Design

Fully responsive sites that look great on all common devices.


Growth Focused

We design with a growth mindset. We want to see you thrive!


Scalable and Affordable

Start small, and scale up your web shop as your business grows.


Easy Mangement

Easy point / click product management, ensuring your web shop doesn’t become a time burden.


SSL Encryption

Data sent between your customers and the web shop are 100% encrypted, giving everybody peace of mind.


Available Everywhere

Give your customers a seamless experience whether they’re on their tablet, phone, or desktop.


Competitive, Profitable, and Secure

You probably can’t be available for your customers 24×7, but your eCommerce Web Shop certainly can be! Online shopping sites are no longer just for the big players, we can tailor a web shop solution to suit your industry, your budget, and your customer values.

Complete with secured checkout options, our eCommerce sites can quickly become the backbone of your cash flow structure. We design with a premium user experience as a top priority, ensuring your customers are 100% satisfied from first click, to product delivered. Of course, security is paramount in the online world – that’s why all of our sites are SSL encrypted, and guarded by the latest in web security.

Launch an online shopping experience that you can trust!


Reliable Hosting

Stable, Secure, and Affordable

Once your website is ready to go, it needs to be hosted on a web server to make it available to the world to see. There are hundreds of businesses that offer this service, but not all hosting providers are equal. At Aussie Web Geeks, we know the websites we build, and our web hosting services are customised to ensure a perfect fit.

Our hosting environment boasts some of the best uptimes within the industry, worldwide. This means your asset is in great hands, and you can depend on your website being available to your customers at all times. We implement mechanisms and protocols to ensure the best  website security, stability and performance the industry has to provide.


World Class Uptime

Avoid the embarrassment of a broken website with uptimes that are the envy of our competitors.


Top-Rated Security

Our security protocols go above and beyond the industry standards.


Integrated Backups

Still, accidents can happen. Our comprehensive backups provide a fail-safe from malicious attacks, technical failures, and user error.


SEO-Friendly Performance

Google penalises the search ranking of slow websites. Our servers are the perfect match to keep your WordPress site at full speed.


Conversion Optimisation

Don’t waste time and energy on visitors who are “just looking”. We optimise to convert visitors into meaningful client relationships.


Researched Strategies

To get better results, some businesses throw more money into their campaign. Our research strategies ensure you get the best value for your money by outsmarting your competitors.


PPC, SEO or Both?

PPC and SEO both have their unique benefits. Our campaigns will find the right solution for your needs.

Search Engine Optimisation

Budget Oriented and Results Focused

Leverage the best possible return from your investment by ensuring its easy to find. Our Search Engine Optimisation specialists implement marketing strategies that are optimised for conversion. This means we aim for visitors who interact with your business, not just kick the tyres. We implement Pay Per Click (PPC) and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategies that are designed to meet a balance between your budget and expectations. Speak to us today to customise your campaign.

Graphic Design & Photography

Logo Design, Branding and Beautiful Images

Whether you’re a shiny new start-up or looking to re-brand for a new look, we can help you through the entire process. Our graphics team can provide you with pixel perfect logo design and eye-catching business branding. These can then be used across your website, on your printed material, on your vehicles, buildings, coffee cups and more!

We’ve all seen businesses use low-quality, grainy images in their marketing. Whatever you need a photo of, chat to one of our photographers who specialise in making you, your people, and your products look great!


Logo Design & Branding

Let’s build a unique look and personality for your business.


All In One Place

Outsourcing your design services to multiple different agencies just isn’t efficient. We’ll handle the lot!


Pixel Perfect Design

Do you need to shrink your logo to fit on a pen, or stretch it for a billboard? No worries! Our logo designs look great at any size.


Stunning Photography

You do your work with pride, don’t let your photos give a bad impression.


Tracking Enabled

Sent! But will anyone open it? Don’t just hit send and hope for the best, track how your customers interact with your emails.


Compliant With Laws

Claiming you didn’t know the laws regarding email marketing doesn’t undo the damage of a tarnished digital reputation.


Match Your Branding

Your customers should be able to recognise your business without even seeing your name and logo. We’ll build marketing templates to match your branding package.

Email Marketing

Sleek, Simple, and Legal

If your customers don’t regularly hear from you, they’re not thinking about you. We can customise an email marketing system that lets you quickly and easily send professional-looking emails to your entire database. Don’t have a database? We can help with that too! Convert your website visitors into a contact list and keep them up to date on your best offers.

Please, do it the right way! Many businesses send out mass marketing emails and make a very bad impression of themselves. What’s worse is that they often break laws in the process which can lead to significant damage and liability. Let’s get you started with an email marketing system that is easy, legal, and effective.

Let’s Connect

Whether you’d like to discuss a new website, an update to your old one, or any of our other services, get in touch today for a no obligation chat.